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The Arizon Shoppes

Shoppes at the Arizon

About Shoppes at The Arizon

Shoppes at The Arizon is part of the commercial component of The Arizon development at Geylang. This development boasts an enviable location at 538 Geylang Road, making it a nexus of cultural vibrancy and commercial activity.

Developed by Ranesis Development Pte Ltd, there’s a total of 9 units of commercial shops in this development with sizes that range from 635 to 914sf although multiple units can be merged for a bigger floor plate if required. Each unit has its own toilet and water point.

Geylang district, known for its rich history and eclectic mix of dining, retail, and residential spaces, provides a unique backdrop that businesses can leverage for success. The strategic positioning of Shoppes at The Arizon means that commercial entities here are ideally placed to tap into the diverse demographic that Geylang attracts.

From local families in search of authentic Singaporean meals to tourists exploring the city’s hidden gems, the variety of clientele available ensures that businesses can maintain a steady stream of customers throughout the day.

Geylang’s reputation as a gastronomic paradise is well-earned, with Shoppes @ Arizon sitting at its core. The area offers a tantalizing array of food options, from traditional Singaporean dishes served at heritage eateries to modern fusion cuisine that reflects the city’s multicultural makeup. This rich culinary landscape provides businesses with the unique opportunity to attract foodies and culinary adventurers, making The Shoppes a destination for dining as much as it is for shopping and services.

Shoppes at the Arizon Shop House Interior

Moreover, Geylang’s evolution into a cosmopolitan area has not diluted its cultural essence. This balance between tradition and modernity makes Shoppes at The Arizon particularly attractive for businesses that aim to offer products or services that cater to a broad audience. Whether it’s a start-up looking to innovate or a well-established brand aiming to expand its reach, The Shoppes at The Arizon commercial component provides a dynamic environment that fosters growth and visibility.



The Commercial Appeal of Shoppes at The Arizon Shops

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Designed for Business Success

Every aspect of Shoppes at The Arizon Commercial Shop has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses today. With a variety of commercial spaces that range from cozy cafes to expansive showrooms, Shoppes at The Arizon Singapore offers the flexibility to create a space that perfectly aligns with any business vision. The modern architecture and high-quality finishes provide an attractive and welcoming environment for customers, while the state-of-the-art facilities ensure businesses can operate efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, Shoppes at The Arizon Geylang design incorporates elements that enhance the customer experience, making each visit memorable. From ample parking to beautifully landscaped common areas, these details contribute to creating a positive environment that encourages repeat visits. For businesses, this means not just a space to operate, but a strategic partner that adds value to their brand and customer offering.

A Vibrant Community of Businesses

One of the most compelling aspects of The Shoppes at The Arizon is the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and supportive community of businesses. This ecosystem fosters collaboration and innovation, with entrepreneurs and established businesses alike benefiting from the cross-pollination of ideas and customers. The diverse mix of retail, F&B, and service-based businesses creates a dynamic marketplace where synergy is encouraged.

Moreover, Shoppes at The Arizon at Geylang being part of a collective endeavor to redefine commercial success in Geylang, offering a unique blend of competition and cooperation that is hard to find elsewhere.



Shoppes at The Arizon Location

With an address at 538 Geylang Road Singapore 389493, The Shoppes at The Arizon has excellent connectivity to the rest of Singapore. Situated within walking distance to Aljunied MRT station and close to the Paya Lebar MRT interchange, it offers easy access for both customers and employees, enhancing the commercial viability of businesses operating here. Furthermore, its proximity to major expressways such as the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and the East Coast Parkway (ECP) ensures that reaching The Arizon Shoppes by car is a breeze, a significant advantage for businesses relying on delivery and logistics operations.

This ease of access here is a crucial factor in the success of retail and F&B ventures. In a city where time is limited, the ability for customers to easily reach a destination can be the deciding factor in where they choose to shop or dine. The Shoppes at The Arizon’s strategic location, therefore, not only enhances its appeal as a commercial investment but also as a vibrant lifestyle destination that attracts a steady flow of visitors.

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Amenities nearby Shoppes @ Arizon

Shoppes at The Arizon Amenities

The Shoppes at The Arizon location in Geylang not only places it at the heart of commercial vibrancy but also amidst an abundance of resources that enrich both the business environment and the quality of life for those who work within its precincts.

The vicinity is home to a diverse array of amenities, including bustling hawker centers known for their delicious and affordable meals, serene parks for a midday escape from the office, and fitness centers catering to health-conscious individuals. This wealth of nearby resources ensures that businesses at The Arizon at Geylang can cater to a broad audience, from the daytime worker in search of a quick lunch to the weekend crowd looking for leisure and shopping experiences.

Furthermore, the presence of these amenities contributes to a vibrant street life, creating a dynamic atmosphere that attracts visitors from across the island. For businesses, this translates into increased foot traffic and the opportunity to be part of a community known for its lively environment and eclectic offerings. The strategic location of Shoppes @ The Arizon, surrounded by these amenities, makes it more than just a commercial space; it’s a lifestyle hub where business meets leisure, offering endless opportunities for growth and engagement.


For occupiers at the Arizon Shoppes, transport facilities are easily accessible and have seamless connectivity to various parts of Singapore both via public transport and by drive. The Paya Lebar MRT Interchange is a major hub providing efficient travel options to all parts of Singapore. Also, the nearby Dakota MRT Station is within proximity, further enhancing the area’s connectivity. Several bus services also operate in the vicinity, offering convenient routes to different locales.


The retail experience in and around Shoppes at The Arizon is equally diverse, with a mix of local boutiques, international brands, and artisanal shops offering everything from fashion to home goods. This variety caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets, ensuring that visitors to The Arizon development can enjoy a comprehensive shopping experience.

For retailers, this means a steady influx of customers drawn not just by the individual offerings of each store but by the collective appeal of Shoppes at Arizon development as a retail hotspot. The synergy between the gastronomic and retail sectors within the area fosters a vibrant marketplace atmosphere, conducive to business success and customer satisfaction alike.



Potential of The Shoppes at The Arizon Commercial Shops

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A Strategic Investment Opportunity

Investing in The Shoppes at The Arizon is about tapping into the pulse of one of Singapore’s most dynamic district at Geylang. The strategic location of Shoppes at The Arion in Geylang offers investors a commercial space that benefits from both the traditional charm of the area and its ongoing transformation into a modern urban center. The potential for capital appreciation in such a location is significant, as Geylang continues to evolve and transform, attracting more businesses and residents to the area. View the Shoppes at Arizon Price Guide.

Moreover, the mixed-use nature of The Arizon, combining commercial and residential units, ensures a diverse and steady stream of visitors. This diversity not only enhances the vibrancy of the development but also provides a built-in customer base for businesses, contributing to the overall attractiveness of Shoppes at The Arion as an investment. The foresight to invest in such a strategically positioned property can yield substantial returns as Geylang’s growth trajectory continues to ascend, driven by government plans for urban renewal and the area’s inherent cultural appeal.

High Rental Demand

The demand for commercial spaces in Shoppes at The Arion is bolstered by its location, modern amenities, and the overall appeal of Geylang as a destination for businesses and consumers alike. The area’s popularity among locals and tourists ensures a high footfall, translating into robust demand for rental spaces. This high rental demand makes this development an attractive option for investors looking for steady rental income and long-term capital growth.

The flexibility of the commercial units in Shoppes at The Arion caters to a wide range of business types, from F&B outlets and retail stores to service providers and offices, further enhancing the rental appeal of the property. For investors, this means a resilient investment that benefits from Geylang’s vibrant economy and the unique positioning of Shoppes at The Arion within it. The opportunity to invest in here is an opportunity to be part of Singapore’s continued growth, in an area that remains at the forefront of the city-state’s cultural and commercial vibrancy.



TOP FAQs on The Arizon Shoppes

Who is the developer for Shoppes at The Arizon?

Shoppes at The Arizon developer is Ranesis Development Pte Ltd.

What is the address of Shoppes at The Arizon?

Shoppes at The Arizon address is located at 538 Geylang Singapore 389493.

Is this a commercial or residential property?

The Arizon is a mixed development where Shoppes at The Arizon is the commercial component of the development.

Does ABSD apply for this development?

There's no ABSD payable as this is a commercial shop.

When is the TOP for Shoppes at The Arizon?

Shoppes at The Arizon TOP date is on 2010.

Is there sizes for 2000sf at Shoppes at The Arizon?

The Shoppes at The Arizon shop spaces range from 635 to 914sf. However, adjoining shops can me join for bigger space if required.



Shoppes @ Arizon Project Specification

Project NameShoppes at The Arizon
Description9 Units of Commercial Shops
DeveloperRanesis Development Pte Ltd
Address538 Geylang Road Singapore
Total Unit8



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